Welcome to Tendai Europe


The philosophy and doctrines of Tendai Buddhism originates with the Chinese T’ien-t’ai school, but was brought to Japan by the 8th century monk, Saicho.

It is also now present in the West. Tendai Buddhist Institute in the US is the ordination platform for priests in America and Europe.

Most of the European Tendai sanghas are organized under Tendai Buddhist Institute, and offers meditation services, celebration of traditional Buddhist holidays, retreats (see below) and other activities.

Why is Tendai so unique, compared to the many other Buddhist schools present in the West? The answer is obvious – to us. We enjoy the inclusiveness of the One Vehicle. All the many teachings and practice-forms joined together in the Ekayana: the One Vehicle to the enlightenment of the Buddha.

There are Tendai sanghas in Europe who distribute newsletters, maintain web sites, offer services and instructions, and keep libraries of important Buddhist texts.




Introduction course

An online Tendai Buddhism introduction course is now available. Subscribe free here: